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The Profession Steven Pressfield - PDF download

Steven Pressfield

This stand-alone novel by the author Steven Pressfield is in my opinion a fantastic futurity story.
Story-telling is of a superb quality from the author, and all the characters come splendidly to life within this tale of war, politics, greed and loyalty.
Also is this story very well written and is the storyline perfectly worked out, and thus making this book such a treat to read.
The story is set in the year 2032, and this futurity tale will show us how the world may look like, and how people and/or countries alike will behave and act between themselves, when important assets, sources and governments are under threat from a powerful leader of men.
The book is divided into seven parts, and the first sets off in August 2032 with the Third Iran-Iraq War fully raging, and in where our main character and narrator, Gilbert "Gent" Gentilhomme, and his men are in the thick of the action, while being supervised and directed under the overall General Command of former US Marine General James Salter, and his merc Force Insertion.
What will follow in the rest of the book is a tour-de-force for Gent to serve and obey his mentor and leader General Salter, but ultimately Gent will have to make to most difficult decision of his life if he wants to preserve the world from chaos, and at the same time to try to save his honour, integrity and his identity.
Really recommended, for this is a tremendous story which is written in a great style and brought to us with verve, and that's why I call this book: "An Absorbing Futurity Political War Story"!


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The Profession book

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