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Winterkill C.J. Box - Read online

C.J. Box

A storm is brewing

Joe Pickett is a Wyoming game warden with a large territory to cover and is usually by himself. He also often finds himself in unusual and embarrassing situations. This story opens with Joe parked in his truck watching a herd of elk in a meadow below. It is late in the hunting season and there is a storm warning for heavy snow later in the day. Suddenly shots ring out and several elk go down. It appears to be a single hunter. Joe goes to investigate and discovers that the shooter is a Forest Service Supervisor for the area, Lamar Gardiner. Drunk. Joe makes the arrest but then finds himself handcuffed to his steering wheel. He doesn't have keys to these handcuffs but he does have a Leatherman tool which he uses to detach the steering wheel. Hand cuffed to the steering wheel he sets off in pursuit. Embarrassing. All he wants to do is recapture the drunken fool and get back to town before the snow. But when he finds Lamar he has been murdered. Impaled to a tree with arrows and his throat slit.

At the same time a group of anti-government radicals has moved in and taken over a Forest Service campground. Lamar Gardiner worked for the federal government and the Forest Service and FBI move in to take over the investigation into his death. They are convinced that the anti-government radicals are responsible and Saddlestring, Wyoming finds itself possibly being another Waco or Ruby Ridge. There are those in the Forrest Service and FBI who are more radical than the anti-government radicals. Psycho. And at least one anti-government radical who seems like a decent person. Caught in the middle are the innocent citizens of Saddlestring. Including Joe's foster daughter, April.

Lots of messages in this story. What happens when the good guys are in actuality the bad guys? What lengths would you go to in order to protect your family? We meet Nate Romanowski who I believe will be in future stories. C.J. Box reminds us that sometimes we need someone like Nate. Looking forward to reading the next installment in this series.


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Winterkill book

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